Website Updates

This week I updated my Musician and Studio pages. I am treating my Musician page as my non professional resume for what I have done in the area of music and electronic music. I have been playing guitar since I was a teenager and have been involved in a few bands some of which actually played out in venues. You will see in my story that I have combined my professional career in computer science with my passion for music. I have added a good bit of content and I hope if you are reading this that you will take some time to read my musicians page.

I have also purchased some new equipment and updated my studio this past year, so I have added to my equipment list and cleaned up my Studio page. Take a look if that interest you.

Superstition Guitar Instrumental

This was made for the fun of it and through months of playing with a MIDI file I downloaded and loaded into Garage Band on my Mac, and experimenting with sounds, I came to this product. The mix could be better but I’m fairly happy with the performance. I hope you enjoy!

Guitar Instrumental of Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

I used Presonus Studio One to record using the Presonus Studio Live RM16. I’m playing my Line 6 Variax guitar with a 12 string modeled guitar. The song is in Eb minor pentatonic, and with a turn of a knob on my guitar it is tuned a half step down from standard tuning and I didn’t have to touch a tuning key. I’m running digitally into a Line 6 POD xt Live pedal board. Here are my settings.

I wish I was doing this through a Line 6 Helix but it’s not in my Hobby Studio budget in the near future.

I updated my songs page by adding this guitar Instrumental version of Superstition by Stevie Wonder that I recorded in my studio.


Holiday Studio Cleanup

Having some time off over the Holiday gave me a chance to do some cleaning and organizing. This included tearing down the studio, laying down some carpet, and setting everything back up.

My music studio

See my Studio page for more pictures and list of equipment.